Word by Dr Jerry Savelle | 22 March 2017

Word by Dr. Jerry Savelle | 22 March 2017


When you think nothing is happening ……it is!!!

When you think nothing is working ….  it is!!

When you feel like quiting ..don’t!!

When it seems impossible to keep standing …. then you almost there!!!

I always respond to faithfullness !!!

I will not allow you to fail!!

You headed for a great victory!!

I, the Lord, will personally take you there!!

Amen and Amen 

Church Fast | March 2017

To all the precious people of Heritage of Faith, the focus of this fast is to prepare our heartsfor brother Jerry’s coming.

Ps John said recently that all of the honor and glory for what is going to happen when brother Jerry comes goes to Jesus, but it is Jesus that is sending brother Jerry to us! Brother Jerry is the messenger of Jesus and he is coming with a message from Jesus for us.

This event is worthy of preparation!

Just as the Shunammite woman prepared a chamber for the man of God – just as we have prepared a spiritual chamber for brother Jerry with our honor seed.
So we now prepare the chambers of our hearts that our hearts may receive everything that the Lord has prepared for us!
The Lord has encouraged us to come to these meetings in childlike anticipation.
He has asked us to come with humility, trusting Him completely in what He is going to say and do.

Matthew 18:3-4 Amplified Bible

3 And said, Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven [at all].

 4 Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving] is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Pray: “Father I ask you to restore to me this childlikeness!
I change today and I become like a little child – trusting, lowly, loving and forgiving!
I enter fully into all that You have prepared for me.” 
One way to humble ourselves is through fasting and praying.

Psalm 35:13

I humbled my soul with fasting and my prayer.
Choosing humility causes God to lift you up!

1 Peter 5:5 Living Bible
And all of you serve each other with humble spirits, for God gives special blessings to those who are humble, but sets himself against those who are proud. 6 If you will humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, in his good time he will lift you up. 
Humility is a fruit – a product of your recreated spirit!

Galatians 5:22-23

 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 
Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
Meekness is interchangeable with humility. Some translations say “humility.”
That means you can be humble!
Humility includes walking in constant forgiveness toward everyone.
Humility includes being free from bitterness, anger, animosity, ill feeling, spite, vengeance, jealousy, envy toward anyone.
It includes not comparing yourself with other people.
It includes thinking more highly of others than you do of yourself.
It is not self-seeking.
Humility is NOT beating yourself up over your sin and weakness and failures!
It is confidently and instantly receiving forgiveness and experiencing cleansing from all sin! 

1 Corinthians 13 is a beautiful picture of the meekness of Jesus

Read this chapter aloud during your fast and let the words sink deep into your heart!

 During this fast you can pray the following prayer every day:
“Heavenly Father, may Your great goodness be known to me.
Take from my heart, every kind and form and degree of pride.
Awaken in me the deepest depth and truth of humility!
I trust the power of Your Holy Spirit’s work in me to show me and help me to be free from every pride!”
Pray this from the bottom of your heart.
Break bread and partake of the body and the Blood of Jesus as you prepare your hearts in sincerity with the Lord!
We encourage you to do this fast as an entire family.
Decide what you are going to fast.

For example:
Turn the television off during these 5 days.
Eat only grains and pulses and vegetables.
Go off sugar completely.
Quit coffee.
Fasting is only effective with prayer. 
Speak the word for this year – speak to the Lord.
Pray in your heavenly language. 
Do these things every day. 
Set aside special times.
If you are single then be in contact with the people in your prayer connect group.
Families’, reach out to the people that you know are alone, to encourage them and include them!
Let us do this fast mindful of one another!
Examples in Scripture of people who prepared their hearts before the Lord, for special occasions:

Joshua 1:10-11

Then Joshua commanded the officers of the people, saying, Pass through the camp and command the people, prepare your provisions, for within three days you shall pass over this Jordan to go in to take possession of the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess. 
Joshua 3:5
And Joshua said to the people, sanctify yourselves [that is, separate yourselves for a special holy purpose], for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you. 
Here were God’s people who recognized the time of God for them.
They received instructions and got ready for this great event!
The Amplified Bible says they prepared themselves for a special and a holy purpose!
We are preparing our hearts, because in just a few short weeks brother Jerry is coming to the spiritual chamber, which we prepared for him, with our honor seed!

The Word of the Lord comes through brother Jerry 
“Let me tell you something that the Lord said to me when Joe told me what you and Sharon wanted to do and you can take this back to the people:
Remember in the Old Testament when the woman went to her husband and said: The prophet is coming – we need to build him a chamber – a  prophet’s chamber – you know – build him a little place to stay.
And what the Lord said to me was this:
They didn’t wait until the prophet got there! 
That chamber was a seed into his life – into his ministry
And they didn’t wait until he got there and then build a chamber
They did that before he got there
And the Lord said – [when Joe told me what you wanted to do] –
He said: You tell them – This is building the chamber for the prophet
This was done before I even got there
And then once he got there – that seed produced the miraculous!
And I am believing that this is what this seed is going to do!
That this is the prophet’s chamber that you – John and Sharon and the people in the Church have prepared.
And then when I do come I believe it’s going to manifest in the miraculous!
Ps John: Amen brother Jerry
Brother Jerry: I want you to take this back to the people!
Us: Yes we will brother Jerry  – It’s branded in us.”

Brother Jerry’s Prayer over the seed: The Prophet’s Reward
[This is for all of us together –not just for Ps John and Ps Sharon]
“Well Father—I receive this with humility and with joy because I know what it represents and I am deeply touched by it Lord and I want you Holy Spirit to convey to every person who sowed in this.
Let them know how deeply touched I am by this and what a special significant seed this is to us.
And Lord – just like You said to me: I want them to know that this represents the prophets chamber in preparation of His coming…
And Lord I am expecting the same thing to take place when I do arrive as happened in this story of this woman and this man – building that chamber for the prophet
And once he got there – it opened the door to the miraculous for the people who built that chamber.
And I’m believing that this is going to open the door to the miraculous for the people who built this chamber.
And Lord I thank you for John and Sharon and their hearts desire to do this and how deeply touched I am by that and I am just believing in the Name of Jesus that this is going to cause manifestations of Your blessing, Your favor and Your miraculous power on their behalf beyond anything they have ever experienced before!
The prophet’s reward!
I don’t know what all is involved in that Lord but when you give to a prophet you are entitled to the prophet’s reward.
There’s a whole lot more involved in that than what I know at this moment but whatever it involves – in its entirety! I believe that for John and Sharon
Thank You Jesus!”
Please note that Brother Jerry says: I receive this with humility.
He received what we did for him with HUMILITY!
As we come to be with him for these 3 days we receive him with humility!
We receive all he has to say like little children.
We receive all he is going to do by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, with humility!
Brother Jerry was deeply touched by what we did, therefore we will have hearts that are deeply touched by everything he comes to say and do among us!
As you fast and pray, declare that the door to the miraculous is open to you!
Declare the favor and the blessing and the miraculous power of God for you beyond anything you have ever experienced before!

With much love,

Ps John and Sharon

A Word from the Lord for 2017!

The faithful shall flourish and it shall be like days of heaven on earth.

Decree this every day according to

Job 22:28

“You will decree a thing and it will be established for you…”
And according to

Romans 4:17

“… calleth those things which be not as though they were”

To Flourish means:
1) To Thrive
2) To Increase
3) To Enlarge
4) To Grow
5) To be Prosperous
6) To Abound
7) To Spread Out
8) To Expand
9) To Make Steady Progress

10) To Be at a High Point in One’s Life

As you decree these things daily expect them to come to pass in your life in 2017

Remember Jesus said:
“According to your faith be it unto you”
Matthew 9:29 

Pastor Sharon says…

If I could sum up this year in a few words I would say that this year has been life-changing, fruitful and eventful! I know that many of you could say the same thing and that truly we have undergone an awesome identity change! Praise God for changing us and molding us more and more into the likeness of His Son Jesus. He has loved on us this year by changing us, causing us to become more fruitful and eventing with us throughout the year. What a wonderful God we serve!

 With this being said I would like to encourage you to continue in the life of the Spirit and stay with the great momentum that has been created this year.

“Continue” is a word that the Lord has been encouraging me with throughout this year. Continue means:

Do something repeatedly and show no intention to stop! Keep talking! Carry on! Proceed in this condition and activity!

So you and I must continue in prayer and continue in faith! Carry on praying and speaking and believing. Don’t stop!!

The spiritual activity of the enemy does not slow down and rest over December and January and neither should we! This is how we overcome! Don’t lose any spiritual ground and spiritual momentum that you have gotten for yourself this year!! Maintain it.

Don’t allow yourself to slow down and move away from the spiritual events and activities that have been so life changing this year.

Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into conversations where people are speaking about how tired they are and what a long year it’s been and how they are slowing down. Speak life – rather say: “I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me, I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace” (Philippians 4:13).

Rather say: “As my days are so shall my strength be! My strength like iron as long as I live!” (Deut 33:25 Message Bible) Rather say: “The same Spirit that raised Christ lives in me and He will bring to my entire being, even to my mortal, physical body, new strength and vitality because He lives in me!!” (Romans 8:11 Philipps Translation). All of these words of God will work for you at the beginning of a year and at the end of a year. Put them in your mouth and in your heart and experience their superhuman power!

Prophetic Prayer by Ps. John Bendixen

I want to tell you to be aware this week that lies ahead of you, be aware, be aware. You know sometimes we get into this groove where everything that’s happening around us is just natural. Be aware that there is a spiritual way of fixing things and going about things that can be highly productive. Be aware that there is a way that can change things in 2016 because God said it’s the year of the Great Breaking Loose. Be aware, Amen. 

I declare that prophetic words flow out of your spirit and come out of your mouth, both those that have already been spoken and those that are personal to you. I declare that those prophetic words will flow from you. I declare that the Word of God that lives richly and well and abides in you will begin to have maximum fruitfulness in Jesus Name. And as you sow the seeds of your words into a dry environment, let’s call it a famine environment, an environment of famine around you in your work space, in relationships wherever it is, as you speak words out, that famine environment does not matter because God says, This is your land and you will have productivity of 100 fold begin to happen in every area that you speak His Word. The Word of God says, That His Word will not return unto Him void but it will accomplish that which He has sent it out to accomplish. And I declare this week you will send out Words in Jesus name that will go into what looks like, dry places and famine lands but God is going to do supernatural works of productivity and Breaking Loose is going to happen for you where it doesn’t happen for others, opportunities will open for you where it is not opening for others. This economy is not the source of your income, the words of your mouth and your faith are the source of your income. I declare this week that you will begin to see things in the spirit that you haven’t seen before, you will react by the Holy Spirit, not by your natural man. You will begin to respond in the ways of God, not in the ways of your reason and your logic and the reality that you find yourself in, you will respond by the Spirit in Jesus name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Did you record that? Hallelujah. I need that Word cause that was a prophetic prayer that came out of my spirit right there and you all need to be speaking that prayer in Jesus name. 

It will be so, this is the year of the Great Breaking Loose. I’m Breaking Loose, I’m Breaking Loose of every habit, I’m Breaking Loose of every single poverty, I’m Breaking Loose of every single bondage that has been on my life, I’m Breaking Loose from and I’m going into. I’m Breaking Loose from things that have stopped me from bringing Jesus, all these years the way I want to be with Him. Hallelujah. And if that means you couldn’t dance before, I declare that you are Breaking Loose from your own self inhibitions and you will dance. And if you don’t know how to shout a praise to the Lord, I pray that you will break free and you will begin to shout because the shout and the laugh is what’s going to get you through in this season in Jesus name. 

And if you don’t feel like it, just try it for yourself go, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaa. 

Hey man drive around in your car, nobody is listening to you, go Ha, Ha, Ha. 

What are you laughing at John? You are a bit “doff” in your head… 

No!!! I’m spiritual. 

What are you laughing at? 

All that stuff I thought I couldn’t do, I can. 

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

Ja, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus.

Let me tell you this is too important to stay rooted to where you were before. This is too important, right now the season is too important. 

Praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, praise you Jesus, come on let’s praise Him…

I command you to be free of everything that has held you back. I command you to be free of it in Jesus name. That is the Great Breaking Loose. Be free in Jesus name. Be free in Jesus name. Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord.

I pray that His Word and the blood of Jesus surrounds you, protects you and no weapon formed against you will prosper and you are blessed in everything you do this week and the week ahead in Jesus name.

Pastor Sharon: Tapit Prophecy

I am going to tap it all this year
After all it is all on tap for me
Especially the joy
I am going to tap it
I will let it break out of me
Because it is my strength for everything
It is directly linked to my expectation, my faith and my believing
So for sure for sure
I will tap it
I will tap it with my mouth
It will saturate every part of me
And it will keep me free continually
Joy, joy, joy, my most precious commodity
I know sometimes it may seem like and oddity
But it is real and it is true…that blue… you can do nothing fresh and new
Because you can’t see
Being sad things will remain bad
But joy, the joy of the Lord, His very own joy
Oh boy!
There’s nothing like it
It is unspeakable and full, full, full of glory
It will rewrite my entire story
So I’m not to worry at all, at all
When joy is my portion
So I’m going to tap, tap, tap
Tap my feet to the beat
To the rhythm and the sound of joy
And I’ll give voice to it
After all, it is mine
His joy is mine
He has given it to me
I’ll tap it till I’m full, full, full
And then nothing at all can get to me
Because really really this force of joy brings glorious victory
The enemy, oh yes, the enemy of my soul
He doesn’t want me whole
He wants me oppressed
Even though I am actually blessed
There’s a dark force of oppression
He wants me to tap
It will keep me down and it will have me bound
It will produce a great gap between me and my God
But oh no I know what that is
And I am a son of God and I’ll not yield
Its smacks of hopelessness and utter despair
If I tap it, it will debilitate me and keep me there
It causes me not to be able to see what my God has for me
It will drag me down and down and down
In that state the lies will come to me…
Your Father has forgotten you you’ll never be free!
It can drag you so deep and it can get so dark
That you do not even want to live
So I’ll not tap that dark force
It has nothing to give but death
So when that darkness comes and oh it will because he is my enemy
I will run yes I will run
I will flee
I will move quickly away from that darkness
And I will come I will run
Into the light
I will walk in the light of the love of my Father
I will tap His light
I will tap His promises to me
I will definitely tap His joy that is in me
And I will say, yes
I will say
‘My Father loves me
He has plans for me
He has made promises to me
And oh I am so glad that I have my own choice to rejoice
And to believe that what He has for me is all good… so very good!’
Thank you my Father.

The Year of the Great breaking Loose

‘Extraordinary things are taking place in the heavenlies
And 2016 will come to be known as :

The Year of The Great Breaking Loose’.

‘More and more notable miracles will break loose in the earth
More and more signs and wonders
More and more angelic visitations
More and more instant healings
More and more deliverances from demonic activity

More and more finances will break loose so my people can do more for the kingdom sayeth the Lord

During this time of “The Great Breaking Loose” the enemy will no longer be able to hold back that which my faithful ones have stood in faith for
Not even the things that looked as though they would never come to pass
For I will cause them to break loose and to suddenly manifest-

And to do so in such a way that no one will be able to deny the greatness of your God!

Yes 2016 will be a year in which the faithful shall be rewarded beyond their highest expectations
And they shall abound in my blessings as never before! “

Jerry Savelle – 2016

The year of Visitations Manifestations Demonstrations Dr Jerry Savelle


“Experiencing the greater glory is still My plan
And you’ll see the great I Am shall visit your land
Manifestations of My Spirit as never before 
And demonstrations of My power from shore to shore
Supernatural provision and greater breakthroughs too
Yes this is My plan And My Will for you
The powers of darkness will no longer stand
For I will show them the strength of My Right Hand
I’ll have My way and all shall see
No power is greater nor equal to Me
My people will rise up and take their place
And no enemy will stop them from finishing their race
Yes, 2015 you’ll surely see will be a year that will go down in history
So, lift up your hands and boldly decree
Something great is about to happen to me!”
Jerry Savelle – 2015