Pastor Sharon: Tapit Prophecy

I am going to tap it all this year
After all it is all on tap for me
Especially the joy
I am going to tap it
I will let it break out of me
Because it is my strength for everything
It is directly linked to my expectation, my faith and my believing
So for sure for sure
I will tap it
I will tap it with my mouth
It will saturate every part of me
And it will keep me free continually
Joy, joy, joy, my most precious commodity
I know sometimes it may seem like and oddity
But it is real and it is true…that blue… you can do nothing fresh and new
Because you can’t see
Being sad things will remain bad
But joy, the joy of the Lord, His very own joy
Oh boy!
There’s nothing like it
It is unspeakable and full, full, full of glory
It will rewrite my entire story
So I’m not to worry at all, at all
When joy is my portion
So I’m going to tap, tap, tap
Tap my feet to the beat
To the rhythm and the sound of joy
And I’ll give voice to it
After all, it is mine
His joy is mine
He has given it to me
I’ll tap it till I’m full, full, full
And then nothing at all can get to me
Because really really this force of joy brings glorious victory
The enemy, oh yes, the enemy of my soul
He doesn’t want me whole
He wants me oppressed
Even though I am actually blessed
There’s a dark force of oppression
He wants me to tap
It will keep me down and it will have me bound
It will produce a great gap between me and my God
But oh no I know what that is
And I am a son of God and I’ll not yield
Its smacks of hopelessness and utter despair
If I tap it, it will debilitate me and keep me there
It causes me not to be able to see what my God has for me
It will drag me down and down and down
In that state the lies will come to me…
Your Father has forgotten you you’ll never be free!
It can drag you so deep and it can get so dark
That you do not even want to live
So I’ll not tap that dark force
It has nothing to give but death
So when that darkness comes and oh it will because he is my enemy
I will run yes I will run
I will flee
I will move quickly away from that darkness
And I will come I will run
Into the light
I will walk in the light of the love of my Father
I will tap His light
I will tap His promises to me
I will definitely tap His joy that is in me
And I will say, yes
I will say
‘My Father loves me
He has plans for me
He has made promises to me
And oh I am so glad that I have my own choice to rejoice
And to believe that what He has for me is all good… so very good!’
Thank you my Father.