The Year of the Great breaking Loose

‘Extraordinary things are taking place in the heavenlies
And 2016 will come to be known as :

The Year of The Great Breaking Loose’.

‘More and more notable miracles will break loose in the earth
More and more signs and wonders
More and more angelic visitations
More and more instant healings
More and more deliverances from demonic activity

More and more finances will break loose so my people can do more for the kingdom sayeth the Lord

During this time of “The Great Breaking Loose” the enemy will no longer be able to hold back that which my faithful ones have stood in faith for
Not even the things that looked as though they would never come to pass
For I will cause them to break loose and to suddenly manifest-

And to do so in such a way that no one will be able to deny the greatness of your God!

Yes 2016 will be a year in which the faithful shall be rewarded beyond their highest expectations
And they shall abound in my blessings as never before! “

Jerry Savelle – 2016